Cuban technocrat Jay Jay Alfonso has called for a raft of measures which include bringing in specialist coaches to assist locals if Zimbabwe is to excel on the international sporting scene.

As Zimbabwe searches for solutions to problems bedeviling local sport, the Cuban technocrat and sports science expert said a paradigm shift is required if the country is to realise its full potential on the sporting front.

Alfonso said among key ingredients to success is embracing scientific approaches to sport as well as bringing in specialist coaches to help Zimbabwe develop.

According to Alfonso, Zimbabwe needs to shrug off a mediocre approach of celebrating qualification arguing the ultimate goal needs to be competing for medals at top competitions.

At a time when athletes across the globe train for 6-7 hours a day, the Cuban outlined the need for Zimbabwean athletes to begin putting in the hours if success is to be achieved, pointing to sacrifice, commitment and political will as fundamental to Zimbabwe excelling.

Alfonso is a Cuban Professor attached to the Bindura University of Science Education.

The Cuban is a former wrestler that has worked with the Cuban and Brazilian national teams at the Olympic Games.