Upstream mining activities are causing massive land degradation in Shamva and water bodies in the surrounding areas are now polluted, while siltation is threatening the reservoirs’ water holding capacity.

A visit to Shamva Wepp Mine, which is five kilometres away from Shamva growth point, revealed one of the worst mining activities in Zimbabwe where land degradation is massive.

The miners however said it is their only source of income.

Shamva Wepp Dam is in great danger as massive siltation is occurring, while open mining pits are a death trap for people and both domestic and wild animals.

The area has also been reduced to a dangerous mine dump site.

Environmental Management Agency (EMA) Spokesperson, Steady Kangata also bemoaned the absence of ablution facilities, saying that might result in the outbreak of cholera, typhoid and other related diseases.

There are also fears of mercury and cyanide contamination in the area as the two substances are being used for ore processing.

Mercury and cyanide have adverse effects on human life and the ecosystem if not used and disposed of properly, hence the need for extreme caution on their handling and use.