palestine map.jpgPalestinian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Hashem Dajani says his country will resume debate about Israel’s failure to recognise Palestine as an independent state in a peaceful way at the United Nations General Assembly in September this year.

Ambassador Hashem Dajani, who was addressing senior officers from the military and security services attending a Joint Staff Course number 24, at the Zimbabwe Staff College made a presentation on Palestine’s foreign policy and how they are planning to take Israel to the UN in September for failing to recognise the rights of the Palestinians in a peaceful manner.

“The people of Palestine have been waiting for a long time for their country to be recognised as an independent state and for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government to stop interfering in their affairs. We really want to take this issue to the UN General Assembly again this September.

Ambassador Dajani also spoke of his country’s excellent relations with Zimbabwe, adding that there should be sustained efforts to further cooperation between the two countries.

Palestine’s struggle for independence has been shot down at the UN General Assembly on a number of occasions but African countries are in support of the justified Palestinian struggle.