ban ki-moon in pakistan floods 16-08-10.jpgUnited Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon has described the Pakistan floods as the worst natural disaster he has ever seen.

Speaking on his visit to flood-devastated Pakistan, Mr Ban said the floods are “heart-breaking” as the disaster is greater than anything he has seen before.

Mr Ban urged the world to speed up aid to the country, saying shelter and medicine were desperately needed.

The Pakistani government said the monsoon floods have now affected up to 20 million people, with at least 1,500 known to have lost their lives.

Health experts are warning that the threat of epidemics such as cholera in flood-hit areas is growing.

Millions of people have now been displaced and some of them are now sheltered at a relief camp set up by the Pakistan military.

Sami Abdul Malik, spokesman for the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), said six million children were affected by the floods.

pakistan floods.jpgBan Ki-moon and President Zardari flew by helicopter over four districts of Punjab, the province known as this country’s bread basket.
Pakistanis are facing an uncertain fate due to this catastrophe, which has left the whole country covered in a lake.

Mud houses are submerged and valuable crops like sugar cane and wheat are under water.

The United Nations says not even half are receiving aid.

Mr Ban said he will never forget the destruction and suffering he has witnessed in Pakistan and announced a further $10m (£6.4m) from the UN’s central emergency response fund, making a total of $27m from the fund so far.

The UN Secretary General repeated his call for the international community to come to Pakistan’s aid.