paedratic center.jpgAn initiative launched to provide normal study sessions through the provision of material and tutorial support for children who have been hospitalised for a long time has been launched.

Launched on a national scale, the pilot programme for the project known as the Paediatric Information Centre, (PIC) comes on the realisation that there is a significant number of children who miss their lessons and valuable normal study time when they are hospitalised.

The project’s National Co-ordinator, Mr. Power Mandirahwe says there is need to fill a gap on behalf of children at all paediatric centres in the country and called for various stakeholders in the country to provide financial and material support.

A number of students from various schools in the country have also been roped into the programme and have assisted in fundraising activities.

Observers say the provision of educational support to children in hospitals is a need that requires joint effort of government, the private sector and other players as education is a right that every Zimbabwean child must access.