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The father of missing Given Flint Matapure, Onward, says he has identified some clothes which he says belonged to his son.


ZBC News’ Patrick Mamire who visited Milton Park Police Station, reports that Onward Matapure, father to Flint, has positively identified a belt and trousers that were found at the Harare Agricultural Showgrounds on Monday.


Meanwhile, Police spokesperson, Inspector James Sabau has confirmed that the Matapure family managed to positively identify Given’s clothes.

The family is now awaiting police investigations.

The remains of a boy child were discovered within the Harare Agricultural Show grounds near the City Sports Centre on Monday by a Zimbabwe Agricultural Society employee.

Also found at the scene was a pair of trousers, a belt, one shoe, stockings and sun glasses.

Officers from the CID homicide department, pathologists and forensic scientists visited the area early this Monday morning and collected the remains for tests.

Harare province police spokesperson, Inspector James Sabau, said the remains were discovered by an employee of the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show Society who wanted to clear the place for agricultural purposes.

It is still not clear whether the boy was murdered at the scene or the remains were brought there later. However, the scene where the remains were discovered is a stone’s throw away from the City Sports Centre, raising questions how the body could have decomposed there without people detecting it.

Police have said they will work with parents who lost their children in order to positively identify the remains.