More than 1 000 bales went under the hummer at the tobacco mop up sales conducted this Tuesday at the auction floors where farmers who could not finish delivering their last crop were given the opportunity to sell.

The tobacco mop up sales for the 2018 agriculture season have been conducted at the Tobacco Sales Floor with a few farmers who could not deliver all their tobacco when the auction floors officially closed on July 30 selling their golden leaf.

The farmers expressed mixed feelings over the price offered ranging from 10 cents to US$2.60 per kilogramme.

“Am happy with the $2.35, I got because this is my last crop the quality is not that good as compared to the one we delivered during the course of the season,” said one of the farmers who fetched a good price.

“Ten cents per kg this is a loss, considering transport cost, bailing and other cost, although my crop is of poor quality I deserve a dollar or two per kg as compared to 10 cents, said another farmer from Macheke.

The Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board described the 2018 season as the best after breaking a new record in volumes and expressed satisfaction over how the mop up sales was successfully conducted.

“We always conduct mop sales to give farmers an opportunity to clear their remaining crop. It has been a wonderful season, breaking a new record. So far a total of 100 bales went under the hummer during clean up sales,” said TIMB chief executive Dr Andrew Matibiri.

He added that over 249 million kilogrammes of tobacco are expected this season.

According to TIMB the mop up sales will end this Tuesday while contract sales will continue until buyers account for the entire tobacco farmers are yet to deliver.