copac co chairs 25.10.10.jpgCOPAC co-chairpersons have dismissed some fears raised by certain sections of the media that the suspended senior COPAC officials could have tempered with outreach meetings data saying they have since verified that all the collected information is intact.


COPAC co-chairpersons, Cde Paul Mangwana and Mr Douglas Mwonzora have poured cold water on some reports to the effect that information collected during the outreach programmes has been tempered with.


The two Co-Chairpersons however confirmed that the organisation’s National Coordinator, Peter Kunjeku and Data Collation Manager, Skoliwe Fundira are under investigations for taking the data to the national archives without the consent of the COPAC leadership.


Cde Mangwana and Mr Mwonzora confirmed that initial investigations have proved that the material has not been tampered with in any way saying the documents have since been retrieved from the national archives to a secure place agreeable to all political parties in the inclusive government.


“The initial investigations have since proved that all the information is there and untempered with,” they said.


Meanwhile, the two COPAC co-chairpersons say that the delayed Harare province outreach meetings will be held this weekend as all logistics have been put in place.


“The money has been put in place and so are issues to do with transport. We are however waiting for the confirmation of venues from political liaisons officers,” they confirmed.


The outreach meetings in Makoni which were also disturbed by some incidents of violence in the initial exercise will also be conducted next week.


The outreach programme will pave way for the referendum which is anticipated to be held sometime next year.