sanganai exhibitions.pngLocal exhibitors at the on-going Sanganai/Hlanganani tourism expo have expressed optimism of clinching lucrative business deals with foreign buyers that are attending the expo.

This year’s edition of the Sanganai/Hlanganani fair attracted 160 foreign and local exhibitors.

Locals expressed optimism that with the level of enquiries made on the first day, hopes are high that better things are in store.

Exhibitors who spoke to ZBC News said a number of foreign buyers who are attending the tourism expo have shown keen interest in investing in the local tourism sector.

Others commended the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) for bringing on board foreign journalists and other buyers from Asian countries, saying this gives a better platform for locals and foreigners to interact with a view to forge strategic alliances.

This year’s edition is running under the theme, ‘Promoting peace through tourism and will run up to Wednesday.’