An opposition presidential hopeful, Mr Timothy Chiguvare of the People’s Progressive Party of Zimbabwe (PPPZ) has added his voice, condemning the explosion at a Zanu PF rally over the weekend, saying his party is no longer feeling safe in its campaigns following the unfortunate incident that left 49 people injured.

The PPPZ held rallies at Stanley Square and the western suburbs in Bulawayo which were generally marked by a low turnout.

Speaking to the ZBC News in Bulawayo, Mr Chiguvare said his outfit has been shaken by events that transpired at White City stadium which he said threatened the peaceful environment that has been characterising the political space ahead of the elections.

“What happened there is quite disturbing. We have had a very peaceful campaigning environment and now this…….What worries us more as the opposition is that this happened at a ruling party rally and how about us the opposition who have no state security at our disposal?” he asked.

On the low numbers attending his rallies, Mr Chiguvare said he is happy with the response he is getting considering that it is their first time in the game, while expressing confidence of taking over the country’s leadership.

“We have never been in this province but when I look at the way people responded even on our road shows, our t-shirts are finished, we brought over 5000 t-shirts and all these people have said they will vote for us. I have a lot of experience in business and i will use my connections to bring business in the country. We will revive the manufacturing sector and the agriculture sector as well,” he said.

PPPZ is one of the political outfits that managed to field a presidential candidate.

The party only fielded 15 candidates for National Assembly elections, a far cry from the total 210 seats which make up the august house.