“Operation Restore Regasi” – Inside Robert Mugabe’s mansion

The events leading to the country’s former President Robert Mugabe’s resignation late last year made international headlines  and continue to be discussed in and beyond Zimbabwe.

Artists from Masvingo have come up with a theatre production “Operation Restore Regasi” which articulates the events with a touch of humor.

The theatre production, “Operation Restore Regasi” gives one an insight into what was possibly going on at the former President Mugabe’s home during the time when the army stepped in to restore order.

The production begins with a scene where Caroline Magenga, who plays Grace Mugabe, is reciting her speech which she intends to perform at the 10th Youth Interface Rally. She calls in her butler to listen as she recites her speech.

“It’s like ndiri ku rehearse speech yangu ye Harare Interface Rally yandirikuda kuita . I know your mind is very sharp saka ndoda kuti umboterera. Urikuitei, unopenga, how dare you sit on my husband’s sofa, ukuzviona watova murume wangu ka wakugara pa sofa rababa. Kumhuri kwenyu kune akamboita class monitor / ndokudonhedza pahu waiter ihoho,” she says.

Throughout the play Magenga, leaves the audience in stitches as she imitates the former First Lady Grace Mugabe.

“Kana ndichitaura veduwe munabata mazwi nekuti I’m the only person who knows this man. I’m the wife of the president. Kazembe Kazembe, where are you? Baba ndakakutaurirai kuti ndichakuudzai nezvemunhu uyu. Kazembe Kazembe wakandinyenga iwe,” Mangenga says.

The speech recital is, however, cut short after army generals arrive to arrest grace for carrying out a bedroom coup and undermining the president.

The writer of the play Charles Munganasa says the production was inspired by the need to keep future generations informed on the events leading up to Operation Restore Legacy.

The two main characters, Magenga and Micheal Khethani Banda who plays Mugabe in the play say they had to do a lot of research to ensure they get into character.

The theatre production attracted a full house in Masvingo. After completely sold out shows in Harare, Theatre In The Park will be hosting for the second time around three performances from the 11th to the 13th of April.