kombiss.jpgHarare residents have called on the Zimbabwe Republic Police to deal with commuter omnibus operators who unjustifiably increase fares during peak hours.

It has once again become a nightmare for Harare residents to travel during peak hours as commuter omnibus operators have resorted to swindling passengers by charging a dollar instead of the recommended five rand fare.

Residents who spoke to ZBC News expressed concern over the reluctance by the responsible authorities to put an end to situation they described as pure day light robbery.

Minister of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development, Cde Ignatius Chombo, acknowledged the difficulties faced by the public and said his ministry is working with the police to curb the unjust conduct.

The recommended fare for commuter omnibuses which ferry passengers around Harare’s suburbs has been pegged at five rand by government, but some unscrupulous omnibus crew demand a dollar during peak hours, taking advantage of passengers’ desperate situation.