lions.jpgThe Parks and Wildlife Management Services says it will hunt old female lions in the next hunting Quota as the old beasts target soft targets such as humans and domestic animals since they are too old to hunt.

The decision to include old female lions in all hunting quotas was made after five people were killed in Kanyemba on the border with Zambia and Mozambique.


At a meeting held between Parks and Wildlife Management, chiefs and villagers, people agreed that female lions should be included in the hunting quota considering that research has revealed that the problem lions are old female lions which target domestic animals and humans as they are too old to hunt.


Parks and Wildlife Board Member Mr. Jerry Gotora said while the villagers believe that the lions’ attack on humans is a result of their ancestors’ anger, there is a scientific explanation.   


Turning to the issue of traditionalists who had expressed intentions to move and settle in the Dande Safari protected area, Mr. Gotora said such moves will result in more conflicts between animals and humans.


The five people who were killed by Lions in Kanyemba in early March came 65 years after such incidences as the last known attack by lions in the area was in 1945. Before the latest attack the area had been the country’s ideal example of the co-existence between humans and wildlife.