prices2.jpgThe shortage of soya beans has impacted negatively on the availability of locally produced products on the market with the nation realising 20 000 metric tonnes out of a national requirement of 220 000.

The shortage of soya beans has been cited as the major draw back towards achieving full production by oil manufacturing firms in the country which are currently operating at 32% capacity.

Competition between locally produced and imported products witnessed a decline in the availability of Zimbabwean products on the market while others believe locally produced products are expensive compared to imported products.

Speaking to ZBC News after the tour of Olivine manufacturing plant in the capital, the company’s managing director, Mr. Jonasi Mushangari who is also the chairman of the National Soya Association said production is anticipated to increase to 60% before the end of the year.

Availability of local products on the market has improved following the reintroduction of duty on basic commodities and other refined products with the big oil producing firm claiming 25% of the country’s market share while exporting 28% of the production output.

Zimbabwe requires four million litres of cooking oil monthly which translate to 375 000 metric tonnes of soya beans required annually to meet the demand.