madhuku.jpgObservers have dismissed as lacking direction and seriousness claims by National Constitutional Assembly chairperson, Dr Lovemore Madhuku that he will campaign vigorously against a new draft constitution.



An observer, Noah Mangondo said it is not surprising that Dr Madhuku is not happy with the current developments as his exclusion paints a bad picture to his paymasters who expect him to be active in crafting a donor driven constitution.


“The likes of Madhuku are well known for pushing the agenda of donors and this time political parties in Zimbabwe have come together to chat the country’s political destiny and the case of the one man show, Madhuku, is that of sour grapes,” said Mangondo.


Legal expert, Mr. Godwills Masimirembwa said the Global Political Agreement is very clear on the constitution and all is on course as the three parties to the agreement are involved.


He said Dr Madhuku, as an agent of the international donor community has a completely different agenda as he is discrediting the whole process before completion.


“Its very clear that Madhuku has an agenda to destroy the whole process, how can a sane person discredit a process that is ongoing.


“It shows that he is trying to remain relevant to his paymasters,” said Mr. Msimirembwa.


The constitution making process which had faced hiccups during the first phase of the consultations is progressing well but COPAC has read the ‘Riot Act’ to all civic organisations that have an agenda to disrupt the process telling them to stay away as they do not share the same vision with all progressive Zimbabweans.