barack obama 12-12-11.jpgPolitical analysts have described the recent move by the Obama administration to cut the size of its troops in Europe by half as a sign of coming to terms with the financial crunch the United States is facing, while castigating the move to intensify its military activities in East Asia as a desperate bid to maintain its grip as a global bully.

Economic recession and the rapid growth of China as a global economic power house have forced the global bully, the United States, into a panic mode.

The US, which is facing a multitude of economic problems, has responded by cutting the number of army combats in Europe, while intensifying its military activities in Asia.

The Obama administration has promised that the US Airforce will become smaller, among other cuts to save money.

Political analyst, Mr. Wellington Gadzikwa said the recent move by the Obama administration could however be just a public relations stunt meant to win votes in the upcoming elections saying the establishment has finally felt the heat caused by the economic meltdown.

Another political analyst, Mr. Alexander Rusero said the decision by the US to refocus its military activities to Asian States is a desperate move to sustain its grip as the globe’s economic power house in the face of a serious threat posed by China.

Of the nearly 1.6 million US troops, over 345 000 are based in many parts of the world, with Europe having over 80 000 soldiers, while East Asia has over 207 000.

The West is on an economic recession which is expected to get worse this year.

This economic meltdown has seen the re-emergence of colonialism in search of resources as evidenced by the overthrow of Colonel Muamar Gaddafi’s government and the subsequent looting of Libyan oil by the West.

Britain is now considering sending troops to Somalia, decades after the crisis in that country, all in a bid to lay hands on oil deposits.