Nyanga Rural District Council (RDC) has suspended servicing of 1500 residential stands due to the high defaulting rate by stands beneficiaries, a development which is likely to affect the local authority’s contribution to the national housing delivery under the ZIMASSET blueprint.

In an interview, Nyanga RDC CEO, Mr Zephania Jaravaza said the local authority has since stopped the development programme due to financial challenges necessitated by high rate of defaulting stands beneficiaries.

“We had targeted to complete the development of residential stands and the establishment of a water reservoir by June this year, but all that has been suspended,” noted Mr Jaravaza.

Mr Jaravaza said the local authority has since run out of land for future development programmes, and confirmed that they engaging the government to facilitate land transfer from Nyanga National Park is currently underway.

Nyanga RDC is owed $4 million by rate payers and the development has affected the local authority’s development programmes.