Chirumanzu villagers have expressed dismay over delays in the construction of  Nyamatikiti Bridge, a situation that has forced  the community to use a narrow and impassable bridge during the rainy season.

Works in the construction of an alternative bigger bridge across the Nyamatikiti River early last year had brought some hope to the Chirumanzu community, but their optimism was short-lived after works came to a halt towards the end of the year.

Chirumhanzu legislator, Cde Barbara Rwodzi said ever since the construction stopped, they have been reduced to punching bags of insults despite assuring the villagers that work will resume soon.

“It is increasingly becoming very difficult for us to justify the stoppage of works on this bridge. I had a torrid time to explain myself at one whatsapp groups after I started to receive calls from some people in the diaspora over the bridge. We try to tell them that the DDF has assured us that works will start soon but the people are becoming impatient,” she said.

The government has since disbursed funds for the construction of the bridge and construction works are set to resume this April, according to the District Development Coordinator for Midlands Province, Mrs Molly Shonhiwa.

“We secured RTGS$700 000 towards the construction of that bridge in this year’s national budget. Works had stopped as there are rocks that needed to be drilled at the site. We were waiting for the release of the money from treasury and now I can confirm that the money has been released. Come the 1st of April, we will start constructing the bridge again,” she said.

The Nyamatikiti Bridge connects Chaka business centre to Mashava and the dust road is essential for the deliveries of maize to the Grain Marketing Board and cotton to the ginnery at Charandura Growth Point.