Nyabvedzi village in UMP has attained open defecation free status after interventions by the Rural Water and Sanitation Programme.

Nyabvedzi village is one of the many villages in UMP which did not have latrines thereby increasing cases of open defecation before the intervention by the Rural Water Sanitation and Hygiene Extension Project in 2017 which has seen construction of blair ventilated improved pit latrines in 50 villages in the worst affected 5 wards in the district.

Villagers in Nyabvedzi led by Village Head Nyabvedzi said days of open defecation are now a thing of the past after they attained open defecation free zone status.

UMP District Administrator Douglas Hungwa said the programme has done a lot in improving health and hygiene in the district.

“I am happy with this programme which has ensured that all households have toilets. It was very disturbing that we had households which did not have toilets which was not good for our health” he said.

One of the villages which has also attained open defecation free zone status in the district is Chipuse village which had 27 homesteads which had no toilets and was assisted by the project to ensure every household owns a blair ventilated improved pit latrine.

Apart from the pit latrines, each household also now has pot racks, dig refuse pits and water points for washing hands after using the toilets.