Veteran afro-jazz musician Bob Nyabinde and son Aggabu are set to release their debut collaboration CD album that also features a number of other veteran artists.

The project titled Heritage Trust features other artists who include Baba Mechanic Manyeruke, Emmanuel Thomas and Willis Wattafi.

Nyabinde said the idea of collaborations is to instill a sense of unity among musicians.

“I have collaborated with other artists like Baba Manyeruke, Emmanuel Thomas and Willis Wataff. The album will be released soon by the College of Music,”he said.

Bob’s son, Aggabu Nyabinde said apart from working with his father he is also in the studio working on his single titled, ‘Kujaira Zvinhu’.  

“I have released a single album which shall be released soon. So far i have collaborated and did live shows with the likes of Suluman Chimbetu and Garry Tight,” said Aggabu.

Bob is an award winning musician who rose to prominence with hit songs such as, ‘Pane Nyaya’, ‘Chabuda Hapana’ and ‘Mombe Yasamanyika’, among others.