The National University of Science and Technology (NUST) is running a programme called NUST School Enrichment Programme (NUSTSEP) which is  aimed at improving the pass rate of mathematics in the Matabeleland region at O and A level.

NUSTSEP begun in 2013 and is a NUST coordinated programme in conjunction with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education carried out at enrichment centres dotted across the region which include Binga, Inyathi and Fatima High Schools among others in Matabeleland North while in Matabeleland South the programme is run at Thekwane and Inyathi High Schools.

Dr Senelani Hove-Musekwa who is the coordinator of the programme said that the initiative caters for students from disadvantaged schools who do not have money to do maths lessons.

She highlighted that they are facing financial challenges in acquiring teaching material and providing for the teachers who are part of NUSTSEP.

Teacher workshops on the incorporation of teaching methodologies are employed to ensure that the programme continues running even after the university has pulled out.