bambo.jpgCaps United Head Coach, Moses Chunga, says Zimbabwean football should concentrate on nurturing junior players if the country dreams of exporting more players to professional leagues in Europe. 


Hate him or like him but Caps United mentor Moses Chunga is one man who believes the future can be prepared now. Despite a hectic premiership schedule and a championship race  Bambo says he has abundant time to be with aspiring young footballers.


Moses Chunga officially had his ground breaking ‘meet the professional – kids training project at Tynawald Primary School in Harare’s Warren Park suburb.


Asked about the source of his vision which saw him finding time to share some of his skills with primary kids, Chunga noted that he and Callitso Pasuwa believe in the creation of a strong junior base that can later provide quality into professional leagues.


“Often we see the mistakes of players having no proper basic training and sometimes it gives you headaches to a point you need tablets so I put my effort in the these young talent who I believe should be captured no,” said Chunga.


The project will see Chunga and Pasuwa going around Harare imparting basic skills to primary school children. At a time when the two should be paying undivided attention at their chances in the premiership title race, to have the two take time out with school kids is probably the highest mark of a real coach – one who if beaten in the race will take solace in that he has also created a base for future growth.