The role of parents in identifying, nurturing and developing their kids’ talent can never be overemphasised as they provide an array of support as well as opportunities across a variety of environments.

All children have unique abilities that can appear in any form but may need tapping in order to shine, hence the need for parents to nurture a child’s natural talents.

“It is important to provide a range of opportunities for children at a tender age so that any hidden talents can emerge and blossom,” an educationist, Mrs Chiedza Mandizvidza said.

Parents said it is imperative to mould a child’s talent into an exceptional ability that will not only benefit the child and family but also the community as a whole.

Besides academics, some kids have the potential to sing, dance, tell stories or excel in sports, among others.

Parents therefore need to play their part in making sure every child participates in some extra-curricular activities that give them a chance to succeed in the future through a number of options from which they can earn a living.