The 2013 edition of the Charles Mungoshi book titled “Branching Streams Flow in the Dark” has been published.

The book comes out at a time when the Mungoshi family has been seeking funding to assist the legendary writer with his medical bills following a stroke he suffered in 2010.

Branching Streams Flow in the Dark, presents characters with compassion and sorrow as well as joy as they come to terms with the HIV disease.

The book is an intriguing story of human resilience in the face of life’s daunting challenges.

It brings out into the open the fragility of human relationships whether in a family or general social context when strained by unforeseen situations, circumstances and conditions of human existence.

The book has been published by the Mungoshi family in an effort to raise money for the upkeep of the author after he suffered a stroke in 2010.

It is against this background that the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) decided also to come to the rescue of the Mungoshi family and bought books worth US$1000.

Some of the books will be sold to NSSA employees with proceeds benefitting the Mungoshi family.

A fair share of the books will be donated to old people’s homes and children’s organisations, according to NSSA chief executive officer, Mrs Liz Chitiga.

Wife to Charles Mungoshi, actress Jesesi expressed gratitude to NSSA saying the gesture will go a long way in meeting Mungoshi’s medical bills.

Mungoshi fell sick in 2010 and has been in and out of hospital.

He is receiving physio, speech and occupational therapy at a local hospital and is attended to thrice a week.

Each session requires more than US$150.

Charles Mungoshi is one of Zimbabwe’s finest literature author who has written books such as ‘Coming of the Dry Season’, ‘Waiting of the Rain’, ‘Ndiko Kupindana Kwemazuva’ and ‘One Day Long Ago’.

He has won several prestigious awards such as NAMA Awards, Commonwealth writers prize and international pen award winner.