nss.jpgThe circus that took centre stage at the National Sports Stadium (NSS) during the Mbada Diamonds Cup final between Dynamos and Motor Actions on Sunday confirmed two important facts for Zimbabwean football.

While organisers have acknowledged they were caught unaware by heavy downpours, the spectacle that was created at the giant stadium, which resulted in a rather embarrassing intervention being implemented, exposed two glaring facts.

With the downpours interrupting play, resulting in two stoppages before halftime, organisers had to use hail mates to scup water that had filled the stadium, which is poorly drained.

Firstly, this incident silenced the debate on attempts to shift the season to suit the international leagues. Secondly, that as a nation, Zimbabwe cannot at present host the Africa Cup of Nations, which is played between January and February.

Premier Soccer League Chief, Kennedy Ndebele however believes otherwise.

The National Sports charade however goes deeper than these two facts.

With the giant stadium having been re-opened in 2009, after almost two years of closure to pave way for renovations, questions are: Did the renovations meet the required standards? If so, then why the poor drainage? If not, then who approved and certified the completion of the project as successful?

The questions go further to the awarding of the tender to the particular company and whether the funding was adequate for the project?

While the country waits for answers, the humiliation that such shortcomings were beamed live across the continent should be enough for responsible authorities to put their house in order.