The National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) has taken heed the initiative of the new government for parastatals to recapitalise through public private partnerships as it has partnered Beitbridge Bulawayo Railway (BBR) and Zimasco Mozambique to enhance its operations.

The resuscitation of NRZ will come as good news to the manufacturing industry as well as exporters as they will enjoy comparative advantages derived from low production costs through transportation of raw materials and finished products using railway transport.

As has been the case with developed economies the recapitalisation and retooling of NRZ infrastructure will be the bedrock on which the Zimbabwean economy is set to be build upon as the initiative will have positive downstream effects in the economy.

In an interview with the ZBC News, NRZ public relations manager Mr Nyasha Maravanyika reiterated that the push factor behind the resuscitation programme is that they are embracing the vision of the new political dispensation of quickly reviving the economy.

He also noted that it is imperative for NRZ to give the resuscitation process the urgency it deserves and they are looking forward to complete the process by June this year.