The National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) has reintroduced commuter trains in Bulawayo.

This comes after calls by many stakeholders in the country who have urged the NRZ to reintroduce commuter trains as commuter omnibus operators hiked fares in the past month.

NRZ public relations officer Nyasha Maravanyika said the commuter trains will start moving from Monday morning at the station and arrive at Esigodweni at 0530 hours, and will depart for the return trip at 0535 hours.

The evening service will leave Bulawayo station at 1730 hours and arrive at 0700 hours

The fare is pegged at 50 cents for a single ride.

Only cash payments will be accepted for ride tickets and purchases can be made either before boarding or while on board.

Commuters can also buy 10 multiple tickets at $4.50.

Multi-ride tickets can be bought using swipe or EcoCash at the Bulawayo station.

Such an initiative comes at a time when people are being cheated of their hard earned money by unscrupulous commuter omnibus operators who have hiked fares and are taking advantage of the prevailing economic situation.

During pick hour, some commuter omnibuses further hike fares to $1.50.

The commuter trains will be availed in the morning and evenings only to pave way for other trains that move during the day.