walter mzembi 01-02-11.jpgThe Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Cde Walter Mzembi says the recapitalisation of the national rail transport system is a key component to tourism development.

The story of tourism development cannot be fully complete without mentioning the railway system. 

The ability of the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) to transform the tourism industry in this country is underestimated.

Imagine a train full of tourist passing through the heart of a national park.
Being at one with nature is every tourist’s dream.

Our railway system was developed with the tourists’ interests in mind, and as such, it meanders through wildlife territories such as Hwange National Park, which offer memorable views of nature.

At the moment, the thought of a tourist getting into a train is farfetched given the dilapidated state of the coaches.

The locomotives have long outlived their lifespan not to mention the discomfort that one endures while on board.

The trains in Zimbabwe are now being looked down upon as the mode of transport for the poor, resulting in the transport system being underutilised.

For Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister, Cde Walter Mzembi the recapitalisation of the national railways of Zimbabwe is an urgent need which if achieved will see the sector scaling to greater heights.

Currently an eyesore, the NRZ’s fleet of locomotives, wagons and coaches is struggling to attract local and foreign tourists thereby scuttling the tourism sector’s efforts to develop the sector.

It is for this reason that Cde Mzembi is appealing to the NRZ and other stakeholders for world class coaches.

A collective effort is what is needed to revamp this ailing sector.

Railway and tourism development cannot be separated, particularly now when the country is in dire need of revenue. 

This railway station can spring to life again if the need to recapitalise is taken seriously.