The National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) is well on course in meeting its 100 day plan which includes the full recapitalisation of the entity which is expected to reduce transport costs for exporters and provide a safe mode of transport for the travelling public.

According to the NRZ board chairman Mr Larry Mavhima revamping of the national railways will increase the capacity of the parastatal to transport goods from the current 3.5 billion tonnes to 8 billion tonnes per year.

For the past few years many exporters have been forced to pay high prices to transport their goods to and from ports of entry and exit around the country.

The NRZ chairman said this should be a thing of the past in a month or two if cabinet gives the nod to the implementation of the NRZ DIDG Transnet deal that seeks to recapitalise the parastatal.

The tender for the recapitalisation was won by a consortium of Zimbabwean diasporans and Transnet of South Africa mid last year.

The joint venture will see the full resuscitation of the NRZ with new locomotives, new wagons, upgraded workshops and many other facilities.

Mr Mavhima confirmed that the parastatal has secured funding to the tune of US$400 million to procure brand new locomotives, procurement of wagons, repairing of the signalling system and railway line and other necessitates that will ensure that the parastatal fulfils its mandate.

“Implementation of the agreement  will see complete recapitalisation of NRZ through the supply of  25 locomotives within the  first three years, refurbishment of additional 15 mainline locomotives, refurbishment of 20 shanting locomotives and purchase of 1000 brand new wagons 150 pass. Coaches, complete refurbishment of train control systems and workshops and ICTs,” he said.

Mr Mavhima said; “NRZ is on course  to meet its 100 days plan and has acquired 31 wagons from the Republic of China last year to replace some of its dilapidated facilities, and also undertook a refurbishment programme of locomotives, and over 50 wagons per month in the past year’’.

The coming on line of the NRZ will open up new opportunities of business and the economy in the country and bring to life the national vision to rebuild Zimbabwe’s economy.