professor jonathan moyo 16-04-11.jpgPolitical analysts say further delays in coming up with a new constitution by COPAC and delays in the movement towards a referendum should not delay the holding of elections in the country, saying such delays are a gross violation of the country’s laws.

Professor Jonathan Moyo says 80% of the views contained in the new draft are the same as what is in the current constitution.

He said Zimbabwe is not in a constitutional crisis as the current one which has been amended 19 times after Lancaster house, is a perfect document which can carry the country through elections.

He said according to the existing constitution and the Global Political Agreement, the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe, has all the mandate to call for elections when he deems it fit.

Another political analyst and legal expert, Mr Fortune Chasi, says arguments by some that the environment is not conducive for the holding of elections are nothing but a ploy to illegally extend the defunct GPA.

Chasi said the delaying tactics by COPAC should not delay the elections this year as the GPA has long expired.

goodson nguni 30-10-11.jpgAnother political and social commentator, Goodson Nguni said COPAC is being used as a tool for regime-change by those who are dragging their feet on the holding of elections.

President Robert Mugabe has said the time is now ripe for the political leaders to seek a mandate from the people as the inclusive government is hindering  development plans due to clashing views on how to move ahead with national development projects.

While Zanu PF is calling on Zimbabweans to take charge of their resources through ownership of businesses, the other parties have been stressing that Zimbabweans remain mere employees.