cab.jpgThe taxi industry says business has remained subdued in the traditionally very busy festive seasoj when many people would have their bonuses.


While players in the industry anticipated brisk business during the festive period has has always been the case in previous years, stakeholders in the sector say business has remained relatively low as many people have adopted a culture of saving rather an spending the scarce dollars of taxis.

For the taxi drivers in Harare, the Christmas season was normally the busiest time of the year but this year, the industry is still depressed partly due to an influx of many imported vehicles in the country.

“The business is very low. We used to cash in around US$80 during this time but now it has dropped to around US$40,” said one taxi driver.

Others said consumers have developed a culture of saving as they would prefer buying basic goods and instead use public transport rather than taxis.

“Most of our clients could rather buy basic goods than speed US$13 to Chitungwiza,” said another driver.

A leading taxi operator, Mr James Kawadza noted that the sector is generally more depressed than anticipated, a situation that is a viability constraint to the business.

“We had anticipated brisk business but we are relying on our contract clients, who pay at the end of the month but cash business is really too low,” said Mr Kawadza.

Low business in the taxi industry has also been attributed to low disposable income, which people would rather spend it on the purchase of basic goods and services.