A Norton Trust school, Tamiranashe is giving a chance to orphaned children through a free education initiative.

In its noble endeavour, the schools however says it requires some capacity building in order to create a conducive learning atmosphere.

Tamiranashe Trust schools consist of a secondary and a primary school where orphaned children are enrolled.

The policy at the institution emphasizes empowering disadvantaged children through education.

The institution’s principal, Dr Milton Vhura who had his fees paid by a well wisher as he was growing up, says turning away a child for failure to pay the US$3 fee is not part of the schools’ culture.

Even though the school’s learning environment is pathetic, at least the children are going to school.

Located at a former beer hall in Norton’s Ngoni suburb, the primary pupils sometimes attend lessons in a hall side by side owing to shortage of space.

Some pupils even learn seated on the floor due to lack of space.

Some parents with children attending lessons at Tamiranashe said they have been relieved of the burden of having to live beyond their means, as they can simply send their children to school even if they have not paid fees.

The text book to pupil ratio at the school stands at one is to ten according to the school head.