lion.jpgRenowned Zimbabwean multi-talented visual artist specialising in fine art, Larry Norton, has challenged parents to contribute more towards their children’s development in a career in arts.


Norton said this at the Heritage School 2011 Art Exhibition dubbed “colours of nature”.


Intertwining colours on canvas might appear child’s play to many. Twisted pieces of metal, stone, bone and glass put together may appear to be a lunatic’s play ground.


But for renowned local artist, Larry Norton, there is no better way of expressing the true nature of a person’s inner beauty except through imprinting mind visions on canvas through paint and brush or in any other art  form.


The Zimbabwean born, Larry Norton whose best work of art sold for a whooping 12 000 pounds at  an exhibition in London, was Guest of Honour at a children’s Art Exhibition held at Heritage School.


He took the opportunity to express his appreciation of the beauty of Zimbabwe’s scenery.


The Arts Exhibition running under the theme, ‘colours of nature’ exposed raw talent in the form of various forms of art works displayed by students. Most interesting at the colourful exhibition was a form of art termed human body painting and other enterprising Art works ranging from acrylic painting, observation art, fine art and batique making which would have made Picasso turn green with envy.


Nothing can be sweeter than the emotions derived from charting one’s own destiny, more so when the job to be done is both a passion and a career.


The Art Exhibition hopes to promote diverse forms of artistic expression in children drawing special attention to the natural environment  and how young people can appreciate the importance of maintaining Zimbabwe’s beautiful landscape and express their love for their country through art.