Norton Town Council in partnership with a non-governmental organisation has set eyes on sprucing up the environment under the local authority’s purview.

The local authority is putting up measures to ensure there is no defacation in open spaces by establishing sanitary facilities such as functional public toilets.

Three wards in the town are about to attain open defacation free status, while efforts are also being made to ensure sewer leaks are plugged.

Several campaigns are being carried out to inform residents of the importance of environmental health, under a partnership programme between Norton Town Council and Welt Hunger Hilfe, a non-governmental organisation working on water, sanitation and hygiene wash programmes.

Norton town secretary, Mr Kizito Muhomba believes efforts must be stepped up to ensure stakeholders have a sense of ownership of hygiene programmes.

Norton’s Katanga shopping centre is one of the major targets of clean up campaigns by the local authority.

The area is usually overcrowded and highly polluted with litter.

It is also a hive of activity as fish vendors line up the streets around the shopping centre.