Norton’s Katanga area is synonymous with the massive sale of fish, fresh and dried, around the suburb’s shopping centre but the town council is raising a red flag over health concerns.

The stench of dried and fresh fish within the vicinity of Katanga shopping centre in Norton is now a common sight.

Moreso one comes across a fish vendor by the road side.

Most of the vendors leave the fish at the mercy of flies, raising fears of poor handling of the product by the vendors.

The vendors say there is nothing wrong with flies hovering over fresh fish, as they usually dry the affected lot in order to kill bacteria and further preserve the product.

Norton Town Council acting director of health services, Dr Tungamirai Mhuka however says the vendors will have to be moved to a proper market under construction nearby, adding the local authority has since banned some of the canteens in the area over poor hygiene standards.

He added that even the vegetable vendors will be moved away from the overcrowded shopping center for the sake of creating proper sanitary conditions.

However, some of the fish vendors sounded defiant, saying they will not move to the proposed new market, where there is a possibility of losing their clients.

Most of the fish, especially the dried ones are understood to have a huge market in Bulawayo.

Darwendale dam and Lake Chivero are the main sources of the fish for Norton residents.