industry.jpgResidents of Norton are appealing to the government to help re-open some industries in the town that were shut down due to economic sanctions induced challenges


The residents say the re-opening of the industries will create more employment opportunities in a town which is just a few kilometres outside Harare.


Following the closure of a paper and board manufacturing company, Hunyani Pulp and Paper Mills a few years ago, hundreds of residents in Norton were left without jobs.


It is against this background that the residents are now calling upon the government and other business people to re-open those firms that were shut down as well as start new industries in the town for the benefit of locals.


Some Norton residents who spoke to ZBC News expressed concern over delays in the completion of the Grain Marketing Board plant which was earmarked for stockfeed manufacturing, saying the delay has further worsened the situation.


Despite Norton town being known for fishing, some residents say they have not benefited much from the fishing activities, alleging that fisheries are owned by people from other towns and cities.


The illegal sanctions imposed on the country have resulted in the closure of a number of companies while most of those left are operating below capacity.