rainfall heavy.jpgThe Meteorological Services Department says the 1st half of the 2010-2011 rainfall season is the 2nd wettest in 30 years after 2007 and they have forecast that the remaining half of the season will have normal to above normal rains.


While reviewing and reflecting on Southern Africa Regional Climate Outlook Forum (SARCOF) predictions which were released in August last year, the Meteorological Services Department said the season from October to December saw the country receiving normal rains resulting in this period being the 2nd wettest in 30 years.


Head of rainfall in the Met Department, Mr. Tirivanhu Muhwati said the northern region received normal to above normal rains with places like Mt Darwin receiving more rains.


On SARCOF’s predictions, Muhwati said the regional body’s has been spot on except for Harare East.


“Essentially the forecast by SARCOF was good for most parts of the country despite the fact that Harare was a terrible miss,” said Mr. Muhwati.


On the mid season forecast, Meteorologist Mr. Reynold Ndoro said the country should expect normal rains in the northern region and normal to above normal rains in the southern regions.


“The mid season is going to see lots of rains pouring and those in Region 1 and 2 should expect above normal rainfall,” Mr. Ndoro said.


The Met Department also highlighted some of the extreme climatic events which occurred in the 1st half of the season which saw Wedza recording 146mm of rainfall on the 9th of November last year, breaking the 1959 record of 59.2.mm.


On the 14th of November, West Nicholson recorded 138mm of rainfall beating the 1968 record of 77,5mm.