A comedy titled Crazy full of catchy actions and jokes has been unveiled.


Produced and Directed by Emmanuel Mawoko, the action packed comedy shot in High density suburbs is centered on one character called Mr Crazy.

Comic legends, including Fidelis Cheza popularly known as Chikwama or Danger who took part in the television soap such as Studio 263 and the Mukadota Family and Norman Muto are featured in a comedy that’s is set to relief stress related issues with real laughs for one’s relaxation.

Producer Emmanuel Mawoko said this is his first solo production after he worked as an editor for Studio 263, Small House Saga.
The project has taken one year from conception.

Mawoko however lamented lack of funding in the film industry as one of the impediments for the growth of the sector.

He also blamed those pirating audio and DVDs as those contributing to lack of growth of the entertainment industry.

The 45 minute non verbal film has three major actors and seven extras. Mawoko says the comedy is meant for purely entertainment.
Written by Michael Zuze who also wrote the feature film titled Choice.

Music is played by Patrick Chow who also once worked with musician Taso and the late Pio Farai Macheka.

There is a huge amount of interest in comedy in Zimbabwe with open air comedies taking place at Theater in the Park and Carl Ncube taking the comedy sector in South Africa by storm.