Non performing parastatals are a cause for concern as they are laying off thousands of youths into unemployment through their failure to follow the ten point plan, delivered by President Robert Mugabe in 2015.

This has prompted the Zanu PF Youth League to request that each cabinet minister deliver presentations to party members on what they have been doing to revive parastatals in their ministries when the revolutionary party meet at the National People`s Conference in December.

The holiday for non performing parastatals operating far below expected targets and failing to contribute to economic growth is over, as they are under serious scrutiny by the Zanu PF youth leadership.

The Cold Storage Company, National Railways of Zimbabwe as well as Zimbabwe United Passenger Company are some of the worst performing parastatals despite having little and in some cases, no competition.

Some are only known to exist during workshops, conference and trade exhibitions but have no successful and tangible projects to show that can benefit the country.

Zanu PF Secretary for Youth Affairs, Cde Kudzai Chipanga told people who attended the Presidential Youth Interface rally at Somhlolo Stadium in Lupane that parastatals are major a concern to the youth affairs because they employ thousands of young people countrywide.

“It is therefore our humble suggestion that as we get to the conference in December, each minister tells us about what each parastatal is doing on the ground, then we see how many parastatals they have been able to revive. We just need three parastatals that each minister will report about that they have revived. We are concerned about parastatals because they employ youths. We are the generation that is most affected by sanctions but then what we realise is that some of them are fast asleep. In some cases there is capacity that they can be revived and in some cases it appears as though there is no political will to revive them and that is the missing link. Why is it that parastatals are not following the ten point plan and those that are following it you can see the direction,” he said.

Out of more than one hundred parastatals, the majority are perennial loss makers with only a few which that are on the recovery path.

Most of the parastatals have also not been audited for years.