The nomination process of candidates to fill in the post of the Prosecutor General (PG) is expected to close this Friday.

This is the first time that Zimbabwe is selecting a Prosecutor General in terms of the 2013 constitution.

The nomination process opened on the 18th of June and is expected to close this Friday the 14th of July.

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) Deputy Secretary, Mr Walter Chikwana said the closure of the nomination process will set the tone for the commission to examine prospective candidates in terms of Section 259 as read with Section 178 of the constitution of Zimbabwe.

The commission will look at the qualifications of the candidates before accepting or rejecting the applications and selecting who to participate in public interviews that will be conducted by the JSC.

In terms of the constitution, the Prosecutor General candidate is expected to hold qualifications that are similar to those of a Supreme Court judge.

Section 259(5) of the constitution provides that the term of office of the Prosecutor General is six years and is renewable for one further such term.

The office of the Prosecutor General fell vacant after the former Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana was fired after a commission of enquiry convicted him of abuse of office.