vp nkomo acting.jpgThe Organ for National Healing Reconciliation and Integration has called on the police to show zero tolerance to all forms of violence in the country.


As the country joins the rest of the world in celebrating the International Day of Peace under the auspices of the United Nations on the Tuesday the 21st of September, the organ for National Healing Reconciliation and Integration has called upon the nation to join hands so as to make peace a reality.


Addressing a media briefing in Harare, Acting President Cde John Nkomo, who also chairs the organ, underscored the importance of peace and total cessation of conflict in national economic, social and political development, adding that protection agents such as the police should show zero tolerance to all forms of violence.


“The International Day of Peace provides an opportunity for individuals, families and communities, organisations and nations to create practical acts of peace through simple acts of kindness,” he said.


Asked if the national healing organ has done enough since its formation considering the violence that erupted over the weekend at COPAC outreach meetings in Harare, a Minister in the organ Mrs Sekai Holland said it is high time political parties sit down in dialogue so that they hold meetings without violence.


The African Union has designated 2010 as the year of peace and security in the continent.


The Assembly is urging member states to fully take ownership of these initiatives, including signing and ratifying relevant African Union instruments, including the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance.


The International Day of Peace which was first commemorated in 1981 is this year being held under the theme “Peace, Youth and Development.