president gpa.jpgThe President and First Secretary of ZANU-PF,  Cde Robert Mugabe says he is reluctant to expand the lifespan of the Global Political Agreement, GPA, due to  expire on the 11th of February next year. 


Cde Mugabe who is also the Head of State and Government  and  Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces made the remarks in Harare on Thursday while addressing national youth leaders  attending a meeting to prepare  for the ZANU-PF National People’s Conference scheduled for December in Mutare.

He urged youths to remain vigilant saying they are the vanguard of the revolution and the  party,  ZANU-PF.

Cde Mugabe reiterated that ZANU-PF is a revolutionary party with  a proud history which brought freedom and Independence to Zimbabwe, adding that the party is also known for being the begetter of financial emancipation  and empowerment.

He said its only 4 months left for the GPA to end and expressed his willingness to see the constitution- making process speeded up and a referrendum  held to pave way for elections some time mid next year.

Cde Mugabe said at most the GPA could be extended for not more than 6 months after its expiry in February next year .

He urged youths to shun violence as they prepare for the forthcoming  elections and urged foreign powers especially the United States and Europe to stop interferring in Zimbabwe’s politics saying Zimbabweans should be left alone to determine their own destiny.