The MDC-T leader and Alliance president Advocate Nelson Chamisa has threatened unspecified action if their demands for specific reforms ahead of the polls are not met.

Advocate Chamisa made the announcement during a media briefing at their party head quarters in Harare.

He said there will be no polls without the MDC’s approval of the electoral reforms.

In what can best be described as sending conflicting signals, Advocate Chamisa has issued a statement on one hand upholding the independence spirit and confirming his party’s preparedness for the 2018 polls yet at the same time issuing a veld threat that they will be no elections without his party’s stamp of approval on the reforms.

The MDC Alliance presidential candidate further accused the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission of employing serving members of the defence and security services and the army of deploying troops in the rural communities to intimidate voters claiming his party has the particulars of the soldiers.

In a contrast of the no election show threat, Advocate Chamisa said an estimated four thousand CVs have been submitted by aspiring candidates for both the local government and parliamentary elections which should be conducted in the coming weeks.

Advocate Chamisa also said as a party they have dedicated the entire month of April to celebrating the sacrifices made by the country’s liberators. 

The MDC Alliance launched plan and environment for a credible election peace campaign which sets out 10 demands among them demilitarisation of election institutions, the diaspora vote, amendments to the Public Order and Security Act, Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act and Broadcasting Services Act and the creation of an authentic biometric voter’s roll properly audited and signed by all political parties among other demands.