Experts in the health sector have called for better and efficient accountability for all funds mobilised for the sector for an effective health delivery system in the country.

They say there may not be any need to levy extra funds on the burdened population if the existing funds are used in the right way.

In separate interviews in the capital, health experts said there is no need to for more levies in the country but those that are already being levied on the populace should be chanelled to the areas for which they are intended and avoid abuse and lack of transparency.

Renowned surgeon Dr Edwin Muguti said the relevant ministry and treasury should keep a close watch on the usage of resources disbursed in the sector and avoid leakages.

He also stressed the importance of using senior medical specialists and practitioners in the planning of hospitals financial budgets.

Coordinator for African Platform for Universal Health Coverage and executive director of Community Working Group On Health Itai Rusike stressed the need for close monitoring on the usage of resources and for mandatory family insurance for every Zimbabwean which is paid for by every Zimbabwean at the beginning of the year to ensure that everyone is covered when the need arises.

He said such schemes have worked in countries like Ghana where families started with a mere US$9 per year per family, Thailand and South Africa which has just started a pilot B Project on compulsory national health insurance.

The experts saluted Zimbabwe for coming up with various initiatives to fund the health sector such as the AIDS levy which is an admiration of many other countries who come to learn from Zimbabwe’s example, and the recent health levy introduced in the last budget where part of the airtime money goes to the improvement of hospital facilities and acquisition of equipment.

Some private players have also been teaming up in supporting health institutions and Chitungwiza Hospital is a shining example of the public private partnerships in the sector.