fifas chris eaton.jpgFIFA Head of Security, Chris Eaton (pictured), who was in Zimbabwe for the past three days to assist with the report on the allegations of match-fixing and corruption involving the national soccer team, says all people implicated must be severely punished, adding that penalties meted out should reflect the magnitude of the offences.

Addressing local journalists in the capital, Eaton said all the people involved who are found guilty of match-fixing and corruption do not deserve sympathy but severe punishment as outlined by FFA statutes and regulations as well as the laws of the land. 

Eaton said FIFA maintains a zero tolerance on corruption and match fixing, adding that ZIFA  has the responsibility to institute its own disciplinary measures on offenders with the government and world football mother body playing a supporting role.

ZIFA Board Member Finance, Retired Brigadier General Elliot Kasu, who is part of the investigation committee, said the board has identified three critical areas in its report and these include offences related to football which the ZIFA Board itself will deal with, as well as those of a criminal nature which require the Anti Corruption Commission.

“The board had now engaged other stakeholders such as the Anti Corruption Commission to deal with corruption cases, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to deal with criminal cases.

Acting ZIFA President & Chairman of the investigating committee, Ndumiso Gumede said the setting up of the independent Ethics Committee would ensure the scandal would be brought to its finality before the year ends.

The media conference was attended by members of the private and public media as well as the international media based in Zimbabwe, members of the investigating committee and FIFA Head of Investigations, Terry Stearns.