vp nkomo and british ambassador.pngActing President John Landa Nkomo says Zimbabweans should be left to solve their problems without external meddling.


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Cde Nkomo said this during a meeting with the new British ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mrs. Deborah Bronnert, at his Munhumutapa offices in Harare.

The discussions behind closed doors centred on the Global Political Agreement, elections and national healing.

During the meeting, Cde Nkomo explained to the British ambassador Zimbabwe’s long walk to freedom and how it introduced the policy of reconciliation after independence, saying when Zimbabweans took their independence they were clear on where they wanted their country to go and that no one should interfere.

He said the misunderstanding that arose during the Blair-Robin Cook era is unfortunate, but Zimbabweans are a rare breed as they are still prepared to engage Britain to resolve the standoff which has dragged on for the last 10 years over the land issue and the illegal sanctions.

Cde Nkomo also stressed that the GPA was a long process which was arrived at by Zimbabweans talking among themselves and that its full implementation cannot be achieved overnight in view of the constitution-making process which is underway and the outstanding issue of the illegal economic sanctions imposed by the EU.

Cde Nkomo explained to Mrs. Bronnert that the illegal sanctions are not targeted as purported because they are taking their toll on all levels of society, including women and children.

The British ambassador would not budge on her stance on sanctions despite the division displayed in the EU during the last review in February this year when some of the member states voiced in favour of their removal.

On national healing, Cde Nkomo briefed her that the organ is working towards the compilation of a Bill on national healing and reconciliation and it will presented before parliament.

Mrs. Bronnert  has been in the country for two months and presented her credentials to the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe a few weeks ago where the President made it clear that Britain was not welcome to monitor Zimbabwe’s elections which are scheduled for early next year.

The President also warned that the British should not prejudge the outcome of the election as not free and fair just because they would not have been invited to observe the polls.