The Provincial Medical Director of Masvingo province, Dr Amidius Shamhu has refuted claims that there is a cholera outbreak in the province.

Dr Shamhu said one person has died of cholera in Masvingo and that person is reported to have travelled from Glen View in Harare to Masvingo.

“It is therefore assumed he acquired the cholera disease from Glen View; so we can safely say the cholera was imported from Harare,” said Dr Shamhu.                                              

Dr Shamhu urged Masvingo residents to practice cholera preventive measures that health workers are teaching them.

“I urge all Masvingo residents to wash their hands before preparing food, practice safe disposal of waste and to urgently seek medical attention where cases of diarrhea have been noted,” he added.

Dr Shamhu also added that borehole water is not 100 percent safe as it can be contaminated easily therefore people should boil drinking water from boreholes or use water treatment chemicals and tablets to kill any bacteria which might be in the water.