vp nkomo 04.02.11.jpgSouth Africa will continue to work closely with Zimbabwe through the signing and implementation of bi-lateral agreements in a move that will see the two countries’ friendship strengthening for the benefit of their citizens.
The pledge to continue supporting all spheres of Zimbabwe’s economy was made by the outgoing South African Ambassador, Mr Mlungisi Makhalima when he paid a courtesy call to Vice President John Nkomo at his Munhumutapa offices in Harare.

Speaking after meeting Vice President Nkomo, Ambassador Makhalima said during his term of office, Zimbabwe and South Africa signed a number of bi-lateral relationships in defense and investment promotion among others.

Ambassador Makhalima  underscored the need for further co-operation between the two countries and he commended the government of Zimbabwe for making his stay a pleasant one which enabled him to execute his diplomatic mission well. 

Vice President Nkomo commended the out-going ambassador for his good work during his term of office saying he represented his country well especially during the time of the formation of the inclusive government.


Zimbabwe and South Africa have co-operated in many areas and the two countries’ relationship dates back to the liberation struggle and the apartheid era. 


Ambassador Makhalima has been in Zimbabwe for nearly 6 years.