njivha.jpgDuring the past few years, the Christmas period has become synonymous with diasporans tracking back home to spend time and money with relatives. However the trend appears to have changed of late as these Zimbabweans who made a reputation for big spending during this period have now taken a back seat.


The economic suffering that was induced by illegal sanctions imposed on the country saw thousands of Zimbabweans migrating to neighboring countries especially South Africa, Botswana and Namibia and overseas.

However, most of these ‘Njivhas,’ as they are known in the Ndebele circles, would troop back during the Christmas period with lots of groceries and cash to spend. But times have changed.

“Shops are now full this side so we have just bought a few groceries, knowing that things are now available at home,” said one diasporan.

Most locals are of the opinion that there is no longer a need for Zimbabweans to go and work in the neighbouring countries as the economic situation has greatly improved since the adoption of the multi-currency system in February last year.

“With the current economic environment, I will go nowhere, South Africa is the one that will come this side,” said one ZB Bank employee.

With the economy on a recovery mode and production having improved and foreign currency no longer part of the equation, the era of flashy diasporans is now gone.


Infact the joke doing the rounds is, if you need a cheap phone, wait till the diasporans run out of cash to go back.