Nine families have been evicted from Sligo farm near Chinhoyi and spent Tuesday night in the open.

The evicting from the farm, which is located 15 km south of Chinhoyi, follows a court order granted in favour of the farm owner, Ms Charity Mateura.

The families slept in the open on Tuesday night after their belongings were strewn by the road side, a few kilometres from the farm.

The families have been staying in the farm compound where they claim to have been undertaking agricultural activities for self sustenance.

Almost all of them seem to be in quandary for lack of alternative shelter.

Thomas Phiri said the only home he has known since the 1970s is Sligo farm, a view shared by Alice Mavhuri, who also claimed to have been resident at the farm since the early 1960s.

“I have been here since 1970 and all my children were born here. Some of my children are still going to school, one is in form3, another form 4. I also have grandchildren with me at this farm,” said Phiri.

“We have been here since 1960 and my husband is from Mozambique, so tell me where else can we go?” Mavhuri said.

Slogo Farm Manager, Mr Smart Luke said due legal processes were taken before the eviction, adding that the evictees had become a liability and a threat to the farming activities since they were not working at the farm.

“We went to the courts and gave them notices from November and they were refusing to move away. Last season, they stole most of our farm produce,” Luke said.

In the aftermath of the developments at the farm, a near fist fight ensued at the farm in the presence of the ZBC News crew as tempers flared between Phiri and Luke.